Digital printing has become the favorite choice for many businesses because of its improved speed and quality. Digital print is becoming more accessible and offers several advantages, including the following:

1. Cost-Effective

Fewer pre-press activities and less setup are required, which makes this more cost-effective when compared to offset printing. Traditionally, with offset printing, there will be a high cost of creating new plates if any mistake goes unnoticed.

The cost of correcting errors is a lot less, and because digital prints offer such a high level of accuracy, every piece will look the same. There is less of a chance that you will need to discard any of your plates as the possibility of inconsistencies is low. Finally, a proofing sample will be printed on the same machine as the product. Colour proofing is very accurate, and any problems with color will be visible on the proof so that you will be able to change it before printing the whole run.

2. Quick with Minimal Setup

Digital printing requires minimal setup. There are fewer pre-press procedures, streamlining the initial setup. Turnaround time is much quicker, and your order can be processed as soon as you submit it. This feature will be much appreciated when you are in a rush to get your printed materials, especially when you have last-minute orders to submit.

3. Minimum Quantities Are as Low as a Single Copy

With digital printing, you only print the quantity you need, and you will not have to make unnecessary bulk orders to make your printing cost-effective. Runs of 100, 10 or even single copies can be made because they all come with affordable price tags. Offset pricing cannot provide you with this luxury because of setup costs. Mass production needs are shifting to multi-product, highly versatile and low-volume production—digital prints can accommodate these needs.

4. Customization

Customizing your marketing materials could not be easier with digital printing. You can tailor each order with a personalized message; cost-effective, smaller batches will allow you to do this.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Digital printing is considered a cleaner printing style because it does not require the creation of plates for every run. The plates do not have to be cleaned after printing, and there is no waste from extra or leftover ink, paper or chemicals, as you will only print what is needed.

Digital Printing in Langley

If you require small quantities or four-color printing and do not need a special paper or finishing, digital printing is the way to go. You will have your prints fast and will enjoy a high level of customization.

Digital printing is ideal whenever you want high-quality prints that can be customized to suit any need, and the experts at Fastech Services Ltd. can further discuss the benefits of this style of printing. Customers in Langley can rely on our team for their printing needs.

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