If you are going to be doing any kind of drafting and drawing work, then some tools are necessary to perform your best. If you are new to drafting and drawing, then these are the supplies that you need and what each of them does.


Drafting leads are drafting pencils. They come in both standard wood pencils as well as mechanical pencils. The difference between a standard mechanical pencil and a mechanical drafting pencil is that a drafting pencil has a long lead sleeve. This is so that it can be used with a straight edge. They are also of a higher quality and deliver better results than plain old everyday pencils.


You can use any standard eraser when doing drafting work, but a standard eraser will end up abrading the paper that you are drafting on. An alternative to this is a drafting cleaning bag of powdered erasers. To use an eraser bag, you aggravate the bag over the top of the work that you want to erase. This causes eraser bits to fall out of the bag and onto the paper. From there you gently rub the bag over the top of the eraser bits, and you will successfully erase what is on the page.

Set Squares

Set squares, also referred to as triangles, are a type of ruler that allows drafters to draw a straightedge at a right angle or a different planar angle to a baseline. There are two typical set square rulers. One is a triangle with a 90-45-45 degree angle, and the other is a triangle with a 30-60-90 degree angle. You can also purchase adjustable set squares.


T-squares are mainly used to help draw horizontal lines while working on a drafting table. You can also use them as a guide for using a set square. They come in standard sizes of 18 inches, 24 inches, 30 inches, 36 inches, and 42 inches. There are two compartments to a T-square, the long shaft which is also known as the blade, and the short shaft which is often referred to as the head.


These tools have pre-made holes in them that can be traced to draw various symbols and designs. Whether they are circles or ovals or lettering, it means that you will get perfect shapes every time.

French Curves

French curves are templates that are made of multiple different curves. There are a variety of different french curves, and they are a mandatory part of every drafter’s toolkit. With them, you are able to draw smooth curves, and by having a different variety of them, you can draw many different radii.

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