Look around you! Large format graphics are everywhere from in-store displays to event banners to billboards at the TTC. Each one uses large, engaging graphics, fonts and visuals, printed by professionals. There are some that catch your attention more than others. There are a few that are hard to forget. What is it about these graphics that stay in your memory long after they have disappeared from your sight? How do you select the most impactful ones for your next brand building campaign? Fastech printing Services offers a few creative suggestions.

History of Large Format Graphics

It all began in the 1990s. Digital fine art photography grew in demand. The Iris 3047 3047 inkjet printer was the only machine suited for the purpose but they were costly. The prints were not long lasting either. Rock musician Graham Nash and his manager Mac Holbert bought the printer, explored possibilities to make prints more long lasting through Nash Editions. The prints took the population by storm.

Other photographers and artists joined the move. In 1999, Nash Editions worked with Epson Stylus Pro 9500 to shift to pigmented inks and create the groundbreaking large format printer. In a few short years, Hewlett-Packard and a few other companies took the inks to another level.

Now large format printers are not just a luxury anymore. If you wish to make your marketing campaigns for impactful for a broader audience, they are a necessary marketing tool. Whether you are creating a storefront for your retail shop or custom signage for real estate developers, stunning large format graphics make sure your ideas are not just noticed but well appreciated. With advanced technological improvements, the window and wall graphics are now scratch and fade resistant. They are available in a variety of vinyl’s from translucent to metallic and printed graphics. You can create wall murals, hoardings in a variety of materials. They are durable, no-maintenance and flexible to meet individual budgets.

Lost for creative ideas to custom-design your concepts this way? Let the experts at Fastech Services guide you.

Larger-Than-Life Format Graphics Masterpieces

1. Repeat Banners to Build your Brand: You can add a touch of class and elegance with minimalist designs like Tiffany & Co. did, displaying their brand typography
2. In-Store Visuals: Wall murals and graphics can transform an empty wall space into a work of art. You can create your artworks indoor or outdoors.
3. Backlit Lighting: Nike is known to have crafted a “litup” campaign where the athletes were seen glowing through impressive LED lights on a black and white backdrop. Highlight your caption or logo with the dramatic style.
4. Spectacular Store Fronts: Build buzz around your brand in a grand launch or promotion event to attract window shoppers this way. Make them stop and walk into your shop with large storefront format graphics.
5. Vibrant Vinyls: Use shipping containers in a creative way with large format graphics on the surfaces for a knock-out look.
6. Mural Magic: Murals magnify your message magically. Whether it’s a movie release or trade show announcement, this is a phenomenal way to get noticed.
7. Special Stretch Canvas: Make a blank wall yours! You can create digital fine art photography, magnificent paintings or just about any idea that fleets through your mind to create one-of-a-kind images.
8. Window Vinyls: This is an effective way to leverage window space. Wow them with vinyl panels that are hard to miss.
9. Phenomenal Print Towers: These are pillars for those in the fashion industry, beauty, or just about any industry where vertical designs create an impact.
10. Outdoor Marketing: Perfect for bus stops or traffic intersections, large format graphics elevate your campaigns beyond the clutter.

Fastech Services Ltd for Stunning Large Format Graphics in Langley

Incorporated in 1986, Fastech has been bringing Langley to life with large format banners and backdrops under the masterful guidance of their owners and experts. Call us to take your brand marketing to new heights with the latest technology and highest quality. We are committed to providing exceptional service in both printing and drafting. With over 30 years in the industry, we are experts in providing creative solutions for even complicated jobs.