There is endless advice available about how best to organize your home. But, it is crucial to find a home organization style that works for you. For some people, being organized is a calming ritual, thoughtfully practiced. While for others, it is a constant battle, treading above the waves of a pile of mounting stuff.


It is not an issue if you have the room, but finding a space for everything can be a problem. The culprit may not be an excessive buying habit or poor cleaning practices. It can instead come down to the way your house, or specifically your closets are designed and being used.

Don’t Clean Up Before a Designer Visits

You should not tidy up in advance of a home organizer’s visit because they want to see your home organizational style and how it works for you. While it can be a difficult request to keep, it is imperative that you follow it. You don’t have to worry about being embarrassed as they are expecting your home to look like a mess, or why else would they be there?

Planning Can Resolve Your Home Organization Issues

It is important to see how people use their space and what issues need to be fixed. The organizer needs to know where storage is located, how it is currently being used and whether they can improve what already exists. With homes today having lots of room, it can be surprising why most of us don’t feel organized. That is because it is all in the design.

Finding Unused Closet Space

Great design comes from well thought out planning where every inch matters in a closet or storage room. In your clothes closet, the designer will ask what you wear most and whether you have lots of accessories like shoes, bags, hats, scarves, etc. If you don’t wear a lot of dresses, then you likely won’t need a big hanging rod and can instead double the rods and hang them to hold extra jackets and shirts. You can figure out the best rod height by simply basing it on your clothing size, like the length of your pants when folded.

Can You See What is in Your Closet?

Many homeowners love the idea of a closet that looks like a high-end boutique. Brightly lit stores let you see everything and lighting is one of the best solutions for storage organization. You can install strip LED lighting under shelves to better see what is on them. Recessed, daylight-coloured, LED bulbs on the ceiling helps you see the true colours of your clothes while adding a gorgeous chandelier or pendant light makes the space ooze glamour.

Drawers for Foldables

You might also want to consider drawers for anything that should be folded in your closet. A well-designed closet can eliminate extra furniture in a bedroom for clothing storage if that is your goal. The same rules apply to the pantry, mudroom, laundry room and cleaning closets. Personalize your shelving and space requirements based on what you use every day.

It’s Just Math

It’s not just about how you organize, but it also comes down to how you do the math of your space. Fastech Services Ltd. can help you draft exact measurements of your home to make it easier for your designer to work with. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your organization goals.