One of the easiest and most classic ways to have a huge number of people become introduced to your brand is to put your name or product right in front of them. While digital marketing and small form printing can still get your name in front of large audiences. None do it quite like a great large format printing campaign.

Permanent Fixture

Large format printing is up and visible to anyone who happens to glance in the direction. No matter the time or day; as long as it’s up, people get to see your marketing. This is especially effective in spaces where there are a large number of passersby and potential customers!

Ultimate Local Advertising Campaign! 

Get noticed quickly by many from a wide variety of demographics in one area. No matter the age or gender, your campaign is quickly noticed in an area of your choosing. Choose to print out a new sign and display it close to or right outside your business to draw in consumers.

Draw Attention

When you dive into your creative side, you can really turn heads with your printing. Use large format printing to start a conversation in other physical or virtual spaces.

Extend your online marketing into the physical world w

Combine with Digital Campaigns 

ith large format printing – direct users online or vice versa by launching the same, or cooperative campaigns on separate platforms.

High-quality Images

There is no guesswork in the outcome of your images. Simply put, what you see is what you get. Make final adjustments before final prints and enjoy your high-quality result.

Other Benefits

In addition to brand notice, there are a few other benefits of choosing large format printing to go along with your brand marketing campaign:

One-time cost

Unlike other marketing models, you only pay once for large format printing pieces as opposed to variable costs like monthly payments or pay-per-click campaigns.

Print onto anything

You can print what you want onto virtually anything. From regular paper to massive vinyl wall stickers to canvas boards and more. If you have a special request, the team at Fastech Services LTD will try and make things happen even better than you could have imagined!

For all of your large format printing needs, work with design and draft experts to bring your brand visions onto paper, canvas, vinyl, and more! Give us a call today to get started!