Are you planning to relocate your existing bathroom but aren’t sure where to start? Drafting out a plan is usually the best place. You need to determine which area is properly set up for plumbing and drainage, depending on your budget. This is important to plan out even if you’re having your home custom built. Planning every detail will save you time, money and frustration in the long haul. Here are the most important things to consider when drafting plans for a new bathroom.

The Downpipe
When planning to relocate an existing bathroom, one major factor that can easily turn your plans to rubble is the location and angle of the downpipe in relation to where you want your new bathroom. A downpipe is responsible for making sure wastewater is transported away from your house and into the main sewage system. Using water pressure and gravity, it runs at a downward angle to prevent blockages and allow optimal flow. As the largest pipe, it’s the connection point for all your other potential bathroom piping. When drafting, you must make sure all fixtures that are installed can connect to the downpipe, and that they’re set at a downward angle. This is crucial when designing a bathroom, or you’ll be stuck with clogged toilets and back up piping once the installation is complete.

Another design element that’s crucial to the functionality of any bathroom is the fittings. Fixtures with shorter fittings, meaning the closest to the ground like the toilet or tub and shower drains, should be located nearby the downpipe. Taller fixtures like the sink, with a drain much higher off the ground than the rest, should be farthest away. The further away from the fixture, the longer the piping will stretch before going into the floor. This needs to be determined through the drafting and designing process before breaking ground.

House vs Apartment
Whether you live in a house or a shared complex, relocated a bathroom in a preexisting space is a tough job regardless of your living conditions. As the downpipe is shared between neighbours in an apartment or condo complex, it’s more complicated to relocate a bathroom than it would be in a house. In a house, you have the option of changing out pipes, downpipes and other obstacles without bothering anyone.

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