Adding another story to your house can make your property bigger without reducing its yard space. You can even dedicate an entire floor to living space with the rest of your bedrooms on a separate floor for added privacy. Building up instead of out means you can have roomy living conditions without worrying too much about the amount of space you are taking up. Of course, as with any significant building project, there are several points to consider before you start.


While your home can support its current roofing arrangement, adding another level means adding more weight to the lower structure. A qualified professional needs to evaluate the condition of your house to determine whether you can, indeed, add another floor without jeopardizing its structural integrity. In some cases, strengthening the existing walls and foundation will be enough, but that could mean your building costs will be higher. It is in those cases that many property owners choose to build out instead of up.


The upper level will need electricity, heat and water. That means water pipes, electrical lines and your HVAC system will need to extend to the new portion of your house. When extending any of them, you need to make sure it is done carefully and that the modifications are permitted before you continue. Some HVAC systems might need to be updated if they are unable to handle the needs of an extra level.


When adding a level, you will inevitably need to add a set of stairs. They can come in various shapes, and the steps can be almost any size. If you already have a staircase reaching down to your basement, you might be able to build another above it to limit the loss of floor space. If not, you will need to find the perfect spot to ensure ease of access without restricting the natural flow of the area.


Remember, while a spiral staircase might look stunning, climbing up and down several times a day can be exhausting. Sometimes it makes more sense to sacrifice space for more comfort. Don’t forget to take into account where the stairs will end. Plan your stairs first and then plan the rest of the layout of the upper-level accordingly.


Be prepared for your roof to need removing. There’s no way around that step. When doing so, be sure to hire a reputable contractor with the proper equipment and tools to ensure your home is protected when it rains.


With all of the changes about to happen, it is crucial to prepare for the overall costs. Always allow some room for error as you never know what other repairs and changes will prove necessary once work begins.


It is crucial to have a professional drafter plan a major renovation like this to ensure that you and your contractor have a clear idea of what to expect. These plans can also then be used to help you acquire the required building permits. Contact Fastech Services Ltd. for all of your drafting and CAD needs and our team of professionals will make sure you end up with the exact renderings you want.