Top 5 Trends In CAD Software

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Drafting and design professionals do not work solely with pencil and paper anymore. While these are still necessary skills to learn, a majority of work is now done on the computer in both 2D and 3D format. All drafters, architects, and engineers will use computer-aided design software, also known as CAD software (sometimes it is

An Introduction to Drafting Tools & Supplies

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If you are going to be doing any kind of drafting and drawing work, then some tools are necessary to perform your best. If you are new to drafting and drawing, then these are the supplies that you need and what each of them does. Leads Drafting leads are drafting pencils. They come in both standard wood

Creative Uses for Large Format Graphics

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Look around you! Large format graphics are everywhere from in-store displays to event banners to billboards at the TTC. Each one uses large, engaging graphics, fonts and visuals, printed by professionals. There are some that catch your attention more than others. There are a few that are hard to forget. What is it about these graphics that stay

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