When you’re working on developing a large-scale project that involves architecture or intricate designs, drafting services are essential for a smooth experience. Not convinced? Then here five advantages to utilizing the features of a digital drafting service!

Better Quality and Accuracy

The calculations, neat symbols and proper usage of geometric lines are the foundation of an accurate draft. Using features like slopes, arc curvatures, various orientations and more are essential. The high accuracy of implementing the exact size, alignment and dimensions will ensure a smooth construction or manufacturing process.

Accessible Templates and Databases

When using a manual drafting service, you’re essentially creating every new project from scratch, which can take up a lot of your time. This is particularly true for drafts with complex concepts. With a digital drafting service, basic templates can be created and used repeatedly. Collecting drafting templates that cover a variety of possibilities and forming it into an accessible database will leave you with extra time to perfect the draft.

Flexible Modification Process

Hand-drawn drafts are usually finalized during the production process, meaning that many things can be changed, removed or added. Making these changes to a physical draft will soon leave you with a mess of plans that very few people can actually decipher. However, digitally drafted plans leave you with the freedom to make changes whenever you please without drawing over existing details. You’ll be left with a clean and neat set of drafts that no one would be able to tell were changed multiple times.

Uncomplicated Workflow

When dealing with complex projects that are manually drafted, several people will be working on those plans simultaneously. However, this process can be quite difficult, as one draft will need to be tossed back and forth between various creative minds. Using digital drafting services makes collaborative-work much easier to complete, as everyone can be working on the same project at the same time rather than wait for their turn.

Compatibility with 3D Modelling

You can get an idea of what a concept will look like in three-dimensional space through manual drafting, but you’ll need to create multiple drawing to demonstrate the various angles. Digital drafting services allow you to merge with 3D space and create a single model that can be rotated in every direction.


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