Drafting and design professionals do not work solely with pencil and paper anymore. While these are still necessary skills to learn, a majority of work is now done on the computer in both 2D and 3D format. All drafters, architects, and engineers will use computer-aided design software, also known as CAD software (sometimes it is referred to as computer-aided design and drafting software, or CADD). Some popular CAD software examples are AutoCAD, TurboCAD, SketchUpPro, and SolidWorks. While CAD software started out much simpler, as basic 2D blueprint design software, it is now incredibly complex, and the latest trends are pushing it even further. Here are the top five trends in CAD software and where this dynamic field is going in the future.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to everyday devices that are connected to the internet and can send and receive data. Everyday examples of these are cell phones, smart homes, fitness trackers, and printers to name a few. The capabilities for IoT stretches far beyond convenient everyday items, though. Industry and businesses will be the first to jump onto IoT technology, as it can streamline production and automate things. As these efficiencies are introduced there will be a need for CAD software to consider this, a well as drafters to design and retrofit buildings with IoT compatible technology.

Upstart Technology

There are many design experts who believe that the current CAD software is in need of an upgrade. This is where upstarts are coming in. They are combining collaborative and cloud technology with many new and ingenuitive functions. These new technologies are being leveraged to create better products, and it is believed that there will be a complete transformation in the way that CAD software works in the years to come.

Mobile Access to CAD

So much business happens outside of the office, and customers want access to designs immediately. Mobile access on phones and tablets is going to become a huge game changer in what people can do with CAD. There is a demand for technology that does this now, and it is expected that this number will grow every year.

CAD and the Cloud

The trend of the cloud is related to every aspect of computer technology. The cloud will significantly change the way that CAD software is accessed and the ability to use it on multiple devices and anywhere in the world. The benefits of having cloud software include mobility, ease of updating, storage capacity increases, and cost reductions.

3D Printed Buildings

CAD technology is going to partner with 3D printers to take computer-aided designs and literally begin to print them with 3D printers. While not happening yet, in the future this should be one way that buildings are created in highly-populated places.

Looking to the Future

At Fastech Services Ltd. we are always looking to the future to see what is next in the design and drafting world. CAD software has been a massive part of our industry and will continue to change and shape it into the future. If you are looking for drafting services, printing services, drafting supplies, large format printing, or printing in Langley then contact us today!