Homeowners often find themselves amidst so many wishes when it comes to renovation. Right from wanting to change the direction of the entry to a room to wanting a bigger room or something else. There is no end to what one can aspire to when it comes to renovation. But once the wishes have been finalized and the mind is set, homeowners frantically start looking for renovation experts, drafting services and what not to make their wishes come true. If you find yourself looking at designer’s and contractor’s websites, and establishing a realistic budget, there are few other things that you need to consider before you renovate your humble abode.

Designers unite

The process of designing can be quite intimidating. Thankfully, if you have the right team of designers, contractors and other professionals needed for your project, you can still get through the tough phase and come out with a home you have always dreamed about. More than the design itself, it really depends on how much effort is being put by your team based on the scope of your project.

Answering the questions

No matter how simple or complex your questions may be, a well-intentioned designer will make sure to address all your queries and concerns correctly. The right designer will be all ears to your ideas, will initiate clarity of vision, determine the scope of work with you, draw up the pertinent plan and even recommend contractors for the job. It is also possible that you may have hired a contractor who has recommended a designer. Either way, it is completely natural to have numerous questions, and together, the team is expected to help you to set realistic goals.

How do I know how many professionals I need?

It is normal to keep wondering if your renovation project may need more permits or more professionals. In most cases, your designer and contractor will recommend those services as per the scope of work. One thing to keep in mind is that your project, no matter how many professionals you hire, needs to comply with the Health and Safety requirements. If you plan to hire a general contractor, it is their responsibility to manage the safety and reporting requirements. But if there are more than two professionals, the homeowner is responsible.


Once the contract is signed and your renovation is ready to start, the first thing to do is get Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings for the tradespeople to follow. It is your designer’s job to produce a detailed CAD drawing. Although it does add to the expenses, it is important to get the details correct. Your entire renovation depends on the drawings and it is important to get it from reputed drafting service, designing and print services from Langley such as Fastech Services Ltd. With state of the art print and copy equipment and an experienced in-house drafting team, Fastech Services Ltd. is a quality provider of a wide selection of drafting, drawing, and surveying supplies.