Without electrical wiring and electrical components, modern technology advances would be unable to operate as they are dependent on these aspects. Electrical drafting designers are in charge of these elements and work with a number of different industries because their knowledge and skills are required to create advanced blueprints and electrical diagrams to ensure the projects they work on are electrically sound.

Electrical drafting designers have a number of responsibilities and their duties include preparing technical drawings of electrical wiring and electric systems and testing those designs. They also have to create instructions and specifications for the installation of different types of electrical equipment, like transformers and power lines. Their workload is very diverse and the responsibilities vary depending on the project that needs to be completed but most electrical drafting designers are qualified to work on any sized project, whether it’s a skyscraper building or a smart car. Their skills are needed in the automotive industry now more than ever because most of today’s cars come with onboard computers and are more electric than ever.

Some designers may focus more on drafting sketches and the drawing aspect and create master sketches, working diagrams as well as wiring diagrams. Once these sketches are complete, designers must test the specifications they’ve created to make sure they actually work. They must also ensure their work is in compliance with government regulations and all of the safety requirements.

The reason electrical diagrams are so important is that they can be used for a number of different applications and unless they are precise, detailed, and created by a professional the outcome can be disastrous. Electricians use wiring diagrams of homes to connect outlets to the right switches and install overhead lighting to the proper circuits. The diagram they are provided with will also ensure the electrician installs the right sized electrical panel box that can handle the output that is needed. Car mechanics, on the other hand, need vehicle wiring diagrams so they can install audio equipment properly and test fuses and sensors while also performing electrical diagnostics during their repairs. Emergency service personnel also use electrical drafting diagrams to assess the safety aspect of a building before they enter, which is why these diagrams must be completed perfectly without any errors. These are just three examples of when electrical diagrams are used but there are many more and as technology continues to advance the expertise of electrical drafting designers will continue to be needed and they’ll have to develop intricate electrical systems that can meet all of these new demands.

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