Large format printed materials are still in high demand, even in this digital age. Whether you’re using a printing service in Langley for your business or personal use, it’s important to ensure you plan your printing project in advance. It may not seem of utmost importance to do so, however, many mistakes can occur when you plan and order prints without preparation.

To save you money and time, Fastech Services Ltd. has compiled a list of the four most common mistakes people make when they order their prints to help you avoid potential expensive blunders.

1. Choosing A Printing Company With Cheap Services

It may be tempting to go for the printing company that advertises the lowest prices you can find. However, this should deter you instead of appeal to you. Price isn’t the one and only consideration that should be taken when selecting a printing company. Although it is important, the quality and service of the printing company are equally as crucial to consider. If your large format printing project is for your business or brand, it’s of vast importance that you seek the services of a printing company that delivers high-quality prints.

2. Not Asking Printing Professionals For Help Planning

An excellent printing company will be able to detect errors far enough in advance to the pre-press stage. Before even starting your print project, it’s in your best interest to discuss this project with your printing company to design your project more efficiently and the printers can even help inspire other ideas for your proposal. This will save you time and keep your budget in check for higher-quality results.

3. Believing All Printers Operate The Same

If you’re not an avid printer or doing your research on printing services, you may not be aware that not all printers function in the same manner. Each printing company will bring a piece of different knowledge and skillset to their services. Finding one that specializes and uses printers that are both advanced and produce high-quality work is key to ensuring you’ll be walking away with an impressive piece of work.

4. Forgetting To Triple Check Your Order

Professional, high-quality printing companies will be proud of the work they produce and almost never make mistakes. However, it is up to the client to review the print design at least three times to ensure it’s up to standard before it even hits the printer. These errors can easily be corrected during the design process but can be quite an expensive process to restore after the project has been printed.

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