Architecture is no facile art form, and it takes thorough research, training, practice and designing to do well in the field. It’s a practice that can lead to a career that allows you to design commercial, residential and other structures. The job of an architect is to design an aesthetically pleasing structure that is practical, impresses and is within the client’s budget. 

On the hunt to find an excellent architect for your project? These are the essential qualities that define a first-rate architect:

1. Incredible Design Skills

A superb architect is able to comprehend the design’s desires accurately and create their vision just by listening. The architect has a vast knowledge on design processes, is able to prepare detailed drawings, and understand the building structure specifications. Architecture is nothing without creativity, which is why this practice is considered an art form. To be both innovative and creative is what makes these visions come to life and why not just anyone can be an architect.

2. Excellent Communication Skills

An architect is able to listen to their client’s ideas while simultaneously curating their designs and building ideas in their head. Every detail is considered and applied to the digital print or drawing and shared with the client. Both non-verbal and verbal communication is an asset to an architect’s work. The architect also has to communicate with the entire team, which usually consists of contractors, construction managers and engineers, to get the job done effectively.

3. Advanced Technical Abilities

An architect is not solely considering the design layout, but everything that it entails as well. From the construct’s mechanics, to the electrical components, regulations and restrictions; an architect will always consider these components to produce an optimal design. That’s why accuracy is heavily emphasized, because any error can result in issues or delay later on.

4. Problem-Solving Skills

Architecture is one of the most rapidly evolving practices, which require an individual to possess advanced problem solving skills. When problems arise, which they inevitably will, an architect is able to address the issue and come up with a solution. A good architect will even be able to spot a problem far in advance to prepare themselves much more easily.

5. Numerical Skills

Mathematics, especially algebra and geometry, are what ground architecture. It’s imperative for an architect to be excellent at math and numerical principles to interpret a structure’s results, design the structure to the parameters and the aerodynamic flow. Calculating a structure’s area or an office space and designing a building that is safe; cannot be done without math.

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